There is a fairly big real estate training event taking place next week in Sacramento and it appears that the session on blogging will be hosted by a company representative who had previously offered their blogging platform for free now charges new members $19 a month. There are a few real estate blogging sites that charge “members” even more money that that. They claim these blogging systems are designed for real estate that makes some agents think the money is worth spending. However there are a lot of resources available for free to learn how and what to blog. Although I’m sure there will be agents at the event who will be inspired to start a blog as it is a good way to start marketing yourself online – you don’t need to spend a lot of money every month on your blog. Here are a few free (or nearly free) ways to get started. or – easy to use free blogging platforms. You will be limited on customizations but these are good places to start. I prefer the greater flexibility that wordpress offers, but both of these sites are free and would be better choices than paying for a real estate blog.

Start a blog on Real Estate Webmasters it’s free and you can find a great online real estate community in the blogs and forum. Just make sure you post original content in the blogs.

Host your own blog using This is a bit more complex but for the price of a domain name and probably $5 a month, you can create a self hosted blog. The advantage of this would be the many free plugins available to customize the blog.

A big advantage of hosting your own blog is that you build authority on your own site. Blogging on networks like Trulia, Active Rain or Home Gain, you are creating content for potential competitors.


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    WordPress is loved by search engines and some of these companies offering realtor type platforms end up being hated by search engines b/c they do stuff like link sharing – I help agents in my office get their ones going – quite a bit more user friendly for non tech heads. Thank you for bringing this to agents attention!

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    Through hosting your own blog, you can have your blog fully optimized to be more search engine friendly, thus it helps generate more traffic to your website. Although hosting your own blog might need some technical knowledge, learning it might not be that hard. You just have to exert an effort to do so and in the end make it profitable.

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    I am relatively new to the blogging side. I have started a couple using wordpress. My main real estate site is built on the Point to Agent system and does very well on the search engines.

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    I just started my own wordpress site, self hosted, and I am loving it. I have to build a lot of content for it to be successful, but at least it’s on my site, with my domain! I like blogging on the other sites to get people to my own blog, but just blogging for other peoples site’s such as Activerain and blogger is a bad idea. Great post! :)

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    Carolyn, I am a huge fan of the self hosted blog. However I am currently a real estate webmasters client, however I have my wordpress website hosted through Eric Blackwell. All in all, wordpress is the way to go.

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    My husband has an account on REW and does a lot of business with REW and he learns many things from them. We both started on active rain and then upgraded to our own blog and then also blogging on others. It is def. a lot of work to keep up with.

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    Hey Carolyn, I agree totally about the self hosted blog, although it is still a good idea to have a REW blog and or Active rain blog so you are able to obtain back links pointing to your own self hosted blog. I see many agents start off with a free blog only to switch down the road to a self hosted blog, why not do it right from the beginning. Great post!

    I have learned so much from REW and owe alot to the forums and the great advice from agents all over the country. I haven’t been as active on there lately as I should be but am getting over there when I can.

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